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Great Synagogue of Ness Ziona

Design of Haim Teper, a builder, contractor, and activist in land acquisition. Unlike the residents of the Hebrew neighborhoods and cities of during that period who viewed schools as the central focal point of a community, in the ‘Moshavot’ the synagogues were the focus. The chosen location was at the crest of a hill dubbed the “Hill of Love”, a hill that was already allocated to the public buildings of Nes Ziona.
The design inspiration for the synagogue likely came from ancient basilicas and Florentine churches. An example of this can be seen in the plan of the synagogue, which includes a rectangular and elongated hall with a rounded wing at the end, similar to a typical church plan. Teper reversed the church plan, placing the apse like wall at the entrance, while placing the Holy Ark opposite, at the far end of the elongated hall.

Great Synagogue of Ness Ziona, Tel Aviv Street, Ness Ziona, Israel
Ness Ziona municipallity
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