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About Us

Naor Mimar Architecture & Conservation Ltd. is a leading firm specializing in conservation architecture and design. A Tel-Aviv based firm established in 2007, the practice offers planning services for buildings and historic sites and has extensive expertise in the preservation of structures and their surrounding environments, design and planning of building additions, as well as consultation for historic sites and urban plans. From government agencies to municipalities and individuals, clients countrywide entrust us to preserve historic properties as tangible links to our past while bridging their way to the future.

Our Approach:

We view conservation as the art of handling change. We endeavor to maintain and enhance the historic fabric of a building or site while also bringing it up to modern standards and relevancy. We are driven by the purpose of sustaining existing structures and sites while ensuring continued serviceability.

Naor Mimar

B.Arch. Tel Aviv University

Leslie Laufer Frieman

Team Leader
B.Arch. Technion, Israel Institute of Technology

Amit Kupietzky

B.Arch. Tel Aviv University

Noga Deiy

B.Arch. Tel Aviv University

Lital Goman

Office Manager

  • The firm has experience in converting buildings and sites to new uses according to an array of programs, while implementing standards, making the buildings more accessible and integrating systems with sustainable development requirements.

    Naor Mimar, Principal Senior Architect and owner of the firm is recognized by the Planning Director – the Ministry of the Interior as a conservation consultant, as well as a certified accessibility consultant and sustainable building advisor. The firm has envisioned and implemented holistic preservation plans and programs for over 300 historic buildings and sites.

    • Preparation of plans for building and site conservation
    • Design and planning of building additions
    • Peparing accompanying vegetation and landscape plans
    • Detailed plans for permits
    • Tenders, specifications & schedules of works
    • Conservation appraisals, analysis & feasibility studies for preservation and construction including project estimates

  • We are firm believers that a thorough understanding of an historic building is the groundwork needed for informed decision-making on design plans and interventions as well as conservation strategies. The foundation of a project relies on field survey, documentation, assessment of condition and understanding of context. Our analyses and recommendations guide the close work with municipalities, consultants and craftsmen throughout the project.

    • Preparation of historical and architectural documentation on buildings and sites
    • Conducting municipal surveys for the preservation of buildings as well as landscape and heritage sites

  • Consulting for municipalities, construction companies, private entities and architectural firms in accompaniment of detailed plans or urban master plans. Our consultation expertise lies within the framework of historic preservation of buildings, sites, and other heritage assets, and deals mainly with the management of change, including the preparation of conservation statements, plan guidelines and conservation area appraisals.

    • Consultation for Master Plans
    • Accompaniment of Urban Building Plans
    • Preparation of Detailed Plan guidelines for urban preservation or compound conservation
    • Conducting feasibility studies for conservation and construction as well as project estimates.

Tofelzon House El Said Estate Bank of Israel Kodrianski & Podlyashuk House Shalem Farm The Drisco Hotel Victor Naggy House 4 Dizengoff Square 27 Ruppin Street 55 Hovevei Zion Great Synagogue of Ness Ziona 138 Herzl Street Anglo-Palestine Bank Selivansky House The Workers’ Council Complex 138 Herzl Street Pardess House